Monti’s Memo – January 2017

There are 300 Dentistry From The Heart events every year, spanning across five countries, but our event in New Port Richey is where it all started. After helping just 200 patients during our first year, Dentistry From The Heart has grown to be so much bigger than just me and my practice. This year, we’re joining forces with the VA, helping out local veterans in need of dental care. We’re also teaming up with Socks4Love, the charity founded by my daughters, dedicated to donating socks stuffed with soap and other basic necessities to the needy. I’m honored to be able to extend the good works we do during Dentistry From The Heart. As the reach of Dentistry From The Heart grows, so does each event.

Inside this issue:

  • Traveling With Kids in 2017
  • Real ‘Thanks-Giving’
  • Michelle’s Heart of Gold
  • A Crucial Mineral for Teeth
  • Dentistry from the Heart
  • Last Year’s Dentistry from the Heart Event
  • Pictures from last Last Year’s Dentistry from the Heart Event

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