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Dentistry From The Heart

Our next Dentistry from the Heart event will be held at our New Port Richey office on February 9th, 2024!



Dentistry From The Heart

Dentistry From The Heart is spreading free smiles in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Through hundreds of events each year, free dental care is made available to those without the means to secure care.

Founded by Dr. Vincent J. Monticciolo 17 years ago, Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free dental care to those in need. Since its creation, the dentistry profession has reached out and shown the world the giving spirit of the dental care industry. With over 300 events per year, DFTH has been able to help thousands of patients and give millions of dollars worth of free dentistry. Every year, thousands individual dentists, hygienists, volunteers, and hundreds of practices across the world donate their time and resources to host their own DFTH events. In support of our dental organization’s providers, DFTH acts to ensure that those in need our advised of the services available through regional press releases and customized YouTube videos that promote the practices involved.


Q: How can I receive treatment at a Dentistry From The Heart event?

All that is required for treatment at a Dentistry From The Heart event is being 18 years old. Arriving early for a Dentistry From The Heart event is recommended.

Q: Where can I find a Dentistry From The Heart event in my area?

Dentistry From The Heart has events happening year round in 50 states and Canada. We are constantly adding new events to the online event calendar. One’s ability to attend is based upon your proximity to one of the events listed. You may visit our events here to find an event near you. Our schedule is constantly being updated. So, if you do not find a nearby event, you may wish to check the schedule periodically.

Q: Can my children receive free dental care from Dentistry From The Heart?

Dentistry From The Heart members provide free dental care services for adults 18+. Give Kids a Smile, another national dental nonprofit, provides children 18 and under with free dental care during the month of February. Please visit their website at

Q: What dental care is provided at a Dentistry From The Heart Event?

Dentistry From The Heart event provides only free extractions, fillings and cleanings. Given the influx of what can be hundreds of individuals on a given day, only these three procedures are possible.

Q: What if I need additional dental care?

Dentistry From The Heart events are not able to provide for all manner of dental care services. However, we recommend that patients requiring additional treatment explore contact with regional free clinics in their area. You can usually get a list of these from your county offices. Another course of action is to contact dental schools in your state. To see a listing of dental schools by state, please visit this list of dental schools in the United States.